Our New Neighbor

Construction is still being done in my apartment building, so I thought nothing of it when I saw a bundled moving blanket and a solitary sock on the front porch this morning when I left for class.

When I got home, I was chatting up our contracting team, who asked me “Hey, did you meet your new neighbor this morning?”

My confused look led them into a fit of giggles, to which they responded “come with us.”

I went down to the front porch, and was pointed to the less than savory aspects of my “new neighbor”. The blanket and the sock had covered up the crack-stained, burnt pieces of foil that littered our front porch. They then proceeded to inform me that “under that piece of newspaper over there is the shit that he took this morning. Congratulations, you’re now sharing your flat with a crackhead.”

A crackhead made our front porch home last night.

I mean I completely understand why: we’re on a private alley block, no neighbors on one side, and it’s a completely sheltered porch, in one of the warmest parts of San Francisco. If I were a homeless person, I’d probably want to stay here, too.

It doesn’t make me feel any better about the fact that I now have to worry about crackhead camp’s home base now being MY home base. 


Here is the foil, the blanket, and the newspaper-covered shit. Welcome home, Me!

My First Run

About 6 months ago, I got interested in jogging as a hobby, and it has become something that I truly enjoy doing to de-stress. In Burlingame, I drove down to the flat part of the neighborhood and took my 3-5 miles jogs there, 3-4 times a week. On my first true day off, I decided to explore the my new home!

I did a 3.75 mile jog, originally deciding to end up down around the Embarcadero on that sunny Saturday afternoon. I ended up running through China Town after a light-induced change, and found myself being that runner that I hate: the runner who jogs in the street. CHINA TOWN IS TOO PACKED! After that, I got to Embarcadero and truly enjoyed bobbing and weaving through all of the packed tourists on the piers. I must’ve gone a few blocks past the tourist traps, as I quickly found myself running through what I have affectionately named “hobo row”. About 20 different sets of homeless people were just chillin’, middle of the day, some with their significant others, some with their pets, some already passed out for the side of the day. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to the amount of homeless people. It was one thing to see them occasionally, but it’s a trip seeing them every day. A friend told me on our first night out adventuring that “you’re going to be broke in no time if you continue to give your money away like this to the homeless.” …. and the truth is, he’s probably right. 

After my jaunt through hobo row, I consulted my Nike+ Running app to get back on track, and it sent me up California Street. I knew that I was going to have to go uphill after my easy, quick run downhill, but I was NOT PREPARED for California Street.

That shit is so uphill that I was stopping mid-block, every block, the whole. way. up. It is so steep that at one point, I looked to my left, and saw that there were STEPS ON THE SIDEWALK. 


I. Can’t. 

Once I reached Grace Cathedral, I felt like a mix of Rocky and Leonardo di Capprio in Titanic: Eye of the Tiger should have been playing in the background as I screamed “I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD!”

I learned 3 things from this experience:

1. I’m going to have a bodacious ass. Very soon.

2. Everywhere I go from my house is downhill, so I should anticipate an uphill journey. And I might actually be able to tell my kids some day that I had to work out “UPHILL. BOTH WAYS.” in order to get my point across.

3. I will be finding more flat areas to run. As in, not my neighborhood.

The views sure as shoot are gorgeous, though. 



And just in case I didn’t bitch enough, here’s a link to WhilstInSF tumblr who backs up my feelings:


“Waking Up In The Morning After Running Hills In The City For The First Times In Months”


Nob Hill

After 17 months of a torturous wait, I finally am living in downtown San Francisco – I only wish it could have happened while I still had community ties to the city! I was first shown this beautiful flat while it was in utter disrepair, being fully remodeled and renovated after a family of chihuahua hoaders (I wish I were kidding) allowed their “children” to desecrate the flat.

Now, after 16 months, 4 failed move-in dates, and plenty of explicates associated with this place, I’m HERE!

This blog will be a venting space for all of my new experiences in the city, being a Surburbia Princess from Burlingame. While I had moved out, it was only to the Outer Sunset and Daly City, so this is my first “big girl” experience!