Nob Hill Parking

So when I was starting to look into the parking situation in Nob Hill, I was gravely disappointed in finding NOTHING in the way of a 4-door Sedan. My building is old, and was made post the 1906 earthquake, so there was no garage ever installed. That lead to my conundrum of what to do with my car situation. My first love, my Mazda3, was creeping up on 100,000 miles, and I knew I had a decision to make. Invest in replacing all of her parts and spending a heinous amount of money in parking each month, or invest in one of the new niche brands of cars: the Smart car of the Scion IQ.

To avoid these prices, I decided to upgrade:


After some research, I decided on the Scion IQ, becuase A) It’s bigger, and B) It’s bigger. Reason A is because it can fit all of the hoarding shit that I generally carry in my vehicle, and Reason B is because it technically fits 4. I mean, that’s a generous interpretation, but it can fit 3. So I said goodbye to my first vehicular love, and moved on.


(My homage to my old car, Tila).

So I moved on, and I bought Chuck – Charlie – Charles – named for alliteration to the word “chode”. I can’t get over how tiny these cars are, and it was almost embarrassing having gone from a vehicle whose tagline is “Zoom Zoom” to a baby Scion.

I went, and am still going through, steadfast mockery surrounding my little car. Some of my favorites are:

“I could put a handle on that car and carry it up the stairs!”

“I think that I could actually fit your car in the bed of my truck.”

and the best one …

“I mean, if you get hit, you’re for sure dead.”

Thanks for the ominous death suggestion. Great.

So after moving to Nob Hill, I can graciously say that I will bear the burden of sass every damn day because I am a parking genie.

When I have a particularly awesome parking day, I take a picture. And I’ll share the top two with you. I appreciate my car every single time I drive home, because there are mini spots, either on the end of a street where cars have rudely taken up more than their fair share, or in between other driveways, where it’s only the smart cars, and the motorcycles to compete with.



The parking here can sometimes be crazy, but thankfully, this car has already paid itself off in the avoided parking garage fees I’d be shelling out had I kept my Mazda.

Thank you, Scion and Smart, for creating a vehicle that’s perfect for big cities and their limited parking.