Pinterest Inspired Decor

Since I’ve been nearly salivating over this apartment for the last 16 months, I have had plenty of time to plan out my decor via the wonderful time sink website – Pinterest. (I’ve also planned out my wedding, my future baby’s outfits, and, y’know, all these other non-realities). BUT! Now that the apartment is, in fact, a reality, I’ve began to channel my inner Pinterest queen in my very first Pinterest-inspired project!

I have an obsession with all things sparkly, jewelry included, and my Home Depot bought “storage hooks” were no longer acceptable to flaunt my pretty, shiny things. So via Pinterest, I found a few jewelry storage options that made for a decorative art piece, as well as a functional storage use:

accessories wall

I loveeeee this. Vintage frame with lace to hang earrings! Beautiful <3


While both were adorable, my weakness is with bangles and LONG necklaces, so the frame concept was shot to hell.

Whilst going through my old pins, I found this idea, and immediately fell in love:

Jewelry wall

18 inch towel bar with s-shaped hooks


It was PERFECT! I have a little corner near my closet that would work perfectly, given the small curtain rods (or shower rack size).

I went to Target, and found 28″-48″ curtain rods in this design, but in a dark black/brown color: (under $10 each)

Room Essentials® Standard Café Rod - Nickel (28-48")

Then I bought S-shaped hooks (used generally to hang up shower curtains):

(under $10 per 12pack)

InterDesign York Shower Hooks with Loop - Chrome

I inverted the hooks so that the smaller hook went over the bar, allowing for more space to hang multiple necklaces/bracelets from.

From there, I went home and simply threw them up on the wall! The whole process took less than an hour, and I personally am very pleased with the way it turned out. I think it looks beautiful, and I didn’t really realize how much damn jewelry I had until I put it all up there!

Here is my new jewelry “nook” now!

Necklaces up top, bracelets on the bottom, either hanging from the rod itself, or from hooks, earrings either in jewelry box or hanging from a “jewelry tree” I got from Ross ($8).


That’s what I call ballin’ on a budget. 🙂