My Incorrigible Addiction to Vintage Prints

Being able to decorate this apartment with my own decor has truly allowed my addiction to vintage prints to rear its ugly head. I have always found vintage photos to be fascinating, and I love going to the Cliff House to see all of the vintage photos they have of San Francisco.

Through tedious hours spent on Craigslist and eBay, I have found some amazing prints that I can’t wait to line my walls with!


United Air Lines vintage promotion poster #1 ($11.79 on eBay)


American Airlines vintage promotion print ($11.79 on eBay)


United Airlines vintage promotion print #2 ($11.79 on eBay)

With those three, I plan to line our hallway with them.

The next two I have yet to find a home for yet, although my roommate thinks that we have too many Golden Gate pictures. I said “Since you can see the Golden Gate from our roof, I don’t think we can ever get enough Golden Gate pictures.” Ammaright?!


Vintage print of the Golden Gate Bridge being built ($20 on Craigslist)


Vintage print of the Peninsula Cable Car system ($20 on Craigslist [and a personal favorite of mine since I grew up on the Peninsula]).

Those are the most recent ones I’ve bought, although they’re large (12″x24″ ish), and I want to have them nicely framed, first. I have a feeling they’re going to flank our television in the living room.

These are the first vintage prints I bought, and the woman from which I bought them was pleased as punch to hear that they would be making a new home in Nob Hill, which was the location of their origin.


This is mid-changing the frames: the brown frames were the ones that came with, and these $8 IKEA frames are what I replaced them with.

Here are the photos individually:


View from Nob Hill post-1906 earthquake looking North towards a barren Alcatraz Island (I believe – it may also be Treasure Island prior to the Bay Bridge). ($4 on Craigslist – $20 for a set of 5).


Picture looking towards Civic Center from Nob Hill post-1906 earthquake. ($4 on Craigslist – $20 for a set of 5).

Both of these photos have found a home in our restroom, and was initially going to be the only set of black-and-white vintage prints I was going to get, until I fell in love/addiction/obsession. Our bathroom is black white, and grey themed, so these balance out the blank wall we have perfectly.


While musing through this post, I may put one, if not both, of the other black and white prints over our spacious wall above the never-used bathtub. (Really, who uses bathtubs anymore. They’re not fun past age 6, they’re never relaxing like the movies portray, they’re basically allowing you to soak in your own sweat from the day, and they never leave you feeling clean.)

Tangent – sorry. I love the way that these prints look, and I think they add a truly “San Francisco” vibe to our beautiful apartment.