From Indian Lakes and Tallhart

Last night, I went to my first concert as a San Francisco resident, and one that I had been counting down for: From Indian Lakes and Tallhart. I had gone to see From Indian Lakes in Fresno back in March, and had such a great time that I knew I had to see them again.

Brick and Mortar Music Hall is such a nice, small, quaint venue. From the furthest spot in the room, you’re still less than a football field’s length away from the stage. I love that the men from the bands were mingling with the crowd, also. It’s such a home-y feeling in this place with these musicians, who are still so humble given their exceptional talents.

I had just started listening to Tallhart due to their touring with From Indian Lakes, but I am so glad I got into them. They put on a great show, and Holy Coast was perfection. “I wanna tell you you were right, and everything you told me makes sense to me now.

From Indian Lakes left me simply speechless. If I were to die and go to Heaven, Heaven would be a From Indian Lakes concert. Their music is so good, the atmosphere is so electric, and each member of that group is so passionate that it radiates from the stage and into your soul. From the clapping introduction of “Anything” (which, by the way, I knew was the perfect introduction song), to their heartfelt finale, they enraptured you with their performance.

There truly are no words that do justice to their artistry. if you haven’t seen them yet, do yourself a favor and make that a priorityPut it at the top of your bucket list. I’m already going through withdrawals and I can. not. wait. to see them again. I feel completely satisfied and yetstill craving for so much more. 

Shortly stated: I love you, From Indian Lakes. Thank you.


The Music Hall, From Indian Lakes, and Tallhart (From top to bottom).


Joey Vannucchi (the lead singer of From Indian Lakes) in full groove.